Sunday, September 6, 2015

SDD Clutter Free Day 6: Restoring Our Selves Through Challenges

The hardest part of any 30 day challenge, at least for me, is the weekends, or lack of weekends. I have social obligations and twice as many chores as on weekdays (daily plus weekly lists). But, the thing is, I know the resting, socializing, and chores are for me. Weekends are designed to be a restorative time.

When I think of it like that, as restorative, giving up precious weekend time for a 30-day challenge isn't bad at all. The challenge itself is meant to be restorative. (Unless you're in some Transgressive social circles. Woah, now my imagination's going wild.) 

The challenge reminds us of our ability to prioritize, our ability to meet deadlines, our ability to create, and reminds us that we have a wealth of stamina if we just focus.

The last 30 day challenge I completed was National Poetry Month-- write 30 poems in 30 days. I feel the same way today, on Day 6 of the So Damn Domestic Clutter Free Countdown, as I felt a week into NaPoWriMo, anxious and accomplished. I'm practicing as much self care as I can manage this month. Life gets busy. That's why projects get put off and we need these resets once in a while.

I hope this post is legible. I'm writing it at night instead of in the early afternoon like the others. I had a full and lively Sunday and now I'm pooped. (I made sure to collect and photograph my items this morning so it's all ready!)

Day 6: 25 Items Decluttered

1-8. Four-piece sheet sets. I have four sets but I can get by with two, one to use while the other sits in the laundry pile. One of the sets I chose to keep gave me a hard time with corners this morning, so it might get swapped out.
SDD Clutter Free Day 6. Reduced my linens to one to use, one to wash, one for a guest. Plus some misc. items. #SDDclutterfree

9-15. Pillow cases. That's 7 pillowcases (plus the 4 in the sheet sets). I get having one or two extra, for guests or in case you drool or pop a pimple or something, but 7 is more than I need.
16. Bath towel. I decided to keep 3, one to use while the other's in the laundry, and one for a guest. This was the 4th one, the smallest and most worn down, so it's gone.
17, 18. Hand towels. Again, "one to wash, one to use" seems like a good policy. I ended up keeping three because I couldn't choose between colors, but it's a start.
19, 20. Shirts that avoided yesterday's clothes slaughter.
21. Skillet. I have another one the same size, same quality, but the other one's easier to clean.
22. Yet another magazine. (Under cats.)
23. Yet another stack of papers. (Under cats.)

Uhh...oh boy. It appears I was too tired to collect the correct number of items originally. I'll go find two more.


24. Charity cat calendar.
25. Plastic storage bag some pillowcases must have come in.

Hooray, I made it! I'm off to go through my nighttime rituals now. Btw, I added coloring book time and Hanon's Virtuoso Pianist. Self care + environment care (cleaning) + skill building = night has become a very special time.

I feel like saying, "I love you. Goodnight."

And so I will.

I love you.

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