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Sarah Thunell

Sarah Thunell
One of my grandmas calls me Sweet Love. When I asked if she called other people that, she said, "No, you're Sarah Lindsey, S.L."

"Oh," I said, "What about the T for my last name?"

"That's Truly," she said.

I embraced my truly sweet/loving identity, as it had been cast upon me with such authority, and it was so.

I'm glad I asked about the T or I might never have become a writer.

Favorite topics include: Self-development, mindfulness, depression, anxiety, time management, Health at Every Size, music-- love my ukulele and singing!, organization, home decor, cooking, cleaning, cats, cross stitch, and living an artful life!

Based in Los Angeles, CA

About SLT Poetry

I mostly write free verse, narrative poetry. I majored in Creative Writing with emphasis on Creative Non-fiction, so I tend to lean towards realism. But then, everyone has their weird side.

About blog.sweetlovetruly

Sarah Thunell sweetlovetruly SLT

SLT is a blog about resolutions, from "Tomorrow, I'm going to employ my new coping skills to get through a depression," to "Tomorrow, I'm going to declutter my closet." It's about celebrating all victories, big and small, and practicing gratitude in daily life.

Regular Guest Blogger--Rachael Bakker

Besties Sarah and Rachael in 2008, when we both
lived in WA state.
I’ve always loved to cook and bake.  While working on my undergrad degree in Cell Biology, I found that my love of experimenting perfectly complemented my interests in the kitchen.  This, coupled with a desire to be as healthy as possible, led me to really make an effort to expand my repertoire and perfect my craft.  I’m still learning, and I’d like to share it with others.
I hope to use this blog to keep track of my culinary adventures, and record my findings on the path to better health, happiness and enlightenment. No matter how unpredictable and hectic the world can feel, cooking a delicious meal offers a predictable, fun and nourishing respite from the madness. I’d like to share that respite with you.

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