Thursday, September 10, 2015

SDD Clutter Free Day 10: The Tool Box and Living in the Moment

My grandma helped me decide which
tools to keep. I thought I had three of
the same kind of wrench. Turns out
I don't, and they're all useful!
It's Day 10 of the So Damn Domestic Clutter Free Countdown, and today I was tasked with decluttering 21 items. I'm running out of floor space, collecting all these piles, I decided to organize my toolbox and get it out of the walkway. I'm in the Facebook group for the Clutter Free Countdown, and I've noticed that some of the participants remove the items from their home every day. They post the items for sale online as they declutter them, or they take a box to Goodwill every evening.

I'm not sure how they manage it. I feel like just the act of collecting the items is big enough. But then, maybe they would think the same about my blogging.

I do wish I'd set up a system to get rid of these throughout the month. It's stressful having them all stacked in my bedroom. For the last few days, my nighttime routine has been messed up because I don't like hanging out in my room when it's like this. I'd rather stay in the living room and browse on my phone for an hour than practice piano, read, and meditate in my room.

I feel the loss of that.

It's also a reminder that stuff matters. I am affected by how much stuff I have, what kind of stuff, and how it's arranged. It's motivation to keep going with this countdown and get to a place where I'm mindful of every item in my home and what role it plays in my life.

Speaking of tools to fix things...

Day 10: Declutter 21 Items

No kitties on the bed today either. Another scorcher, so they stayed on the floor.
Proud of my work here! I took everything out and even washed the toolbox.
1-3. Screwdrivers. It is nice to have multiple when you're moving and want every friend disassembling a piece of furniture at the same time. But I think one battery powered screwdriver and one manual screwdriver will be enough.
5, 6. Hammers. With screwdrivers inside them. Very nifty, until you replace it with sturdier tools.
7. Broken phone charger wire. The ones that live in the car don't seem to last as long as the ones in the house.
8. Yoga mat wipes. I left my yoga mat at my parents' house. These wipes are expired now.
9-13. iPod dock adjusters for outdated iPods.
14. Wire cutter? I don't know what it is, but I know I don't need two of it.
15. Razor, rusted. Plus, I used to cut myself with it, so getting rid of it feels like Today Means Amen!
16. Dried up rubber band ball.
17-21. Hardware for furniture I no longer own.
PLUS! Rusted or stripped screws, unidentifiable do-dads, and pieces of trash!

I will say, the trash is leaving my apartment throughout the month, so even if the clothing, kitchen supplies, books, DVDs, linens, and toys consume my bedroom, at least I can say I'm not storing trash anymore.

I had been considering a book challenge next month (daily page number goals, probably), but now I'm thinking I might want to give myself the whole first week of October to find homes for 400-something objects. Perhaps I shouldn't worry about it. A daily countdown can make it hard to live in the moment, if you let it. The daily prompts can be focusing, absolutely, but I feel like I have one eye on the end date.

I'm going to work on living more in the moment, starting with getting back into my nighttime routine tonight. It's already 10:30, and I still gotta revise, format, and announce this blog post, so I better skedaddle!

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