Friday, September 4, 2015

SDD Clutter Free Day 4: Ways to Measure Progress

Day 4 of the So Damn Domestic Clutter Free Challenge and today the goal is to declutter 27 items and reflect on other ways to measure progress. I won't tell you what Emily of SDD suggested, because I want to leave some surprises for when you sign up.

But I will tell you a measurement that's been on my mind: totes, the 50 quart boxes for storage or moving. I've been thinking, "What size tote would be reasonable for all kitchen tools?" I'm not planning a move, but pretending I am helps me think of essentials.

When I moved last year, it was such a mess. It took me three days to move everything out. I missed my move out date, had to rent an extra truck, and handed out cash to strangers from craigslist to help me carry things. That's disorganization, but part of the reason it was disorganized was because I had an overwhelming amount to do to get ready.
Storage Totes: Amazon

What if all my bathroom items fit in a tote, including towels? One tote for my dresser items, one for closet items, and clothes are done! One for kitchen utensils, storage items, and cooking tools together. One for entertainment. That's a big one there. If my goal is to have one tote of entertainment items, that means getting rid of my books and DVDs, maybe my Wii games. Would I have a separate one for craft supplies or do I want to include crafts as entertainment?

I'm still reflecting on what would be reasonable for me. It is only Day 4, after all. I'll be reading a lot of minimalism blogs in the next few days, researching "How many pairs of socks does one person need?!"

I remember when I helped my friend clean her room. She had an epiphany that, "Oh, we're supposed to own an amount of clothes that fits in our dresser?" Truth is, there is no supposed to. You're allowed to use the floor or backs of chairs for clothes storage if you want to.

It is helpful to have quantity goals, though. "I want to be able to close my drawers easily." "I only want to do one load of laundry a week." "I want to be able to pack all my clothes in a suitcase." What works for you?
Day 4: Declutter 27 Items

1. Dinner plate. Left from past roommate. I have a full set and two other mismatched plates, so this one lost the draw today.
2. Strainer. Also left from roommate. I have another one.3. Another almost-gone lotion.
4. Large pot. I have a saucepan about that size that does the same job, as well as a dutch oven, so I'm set.
5, 6. Medium saucepan with lid. Momo bought this for me at CVS right after I moved when my U-Box hadn't arrived yet. It's fulfilled its purpose with me.
7-10. Mixing/serving bowls. I have this great bamboo nested bowl set that gives me everything I need in the mixing/serving categories. My brother had a set and when we parted as roommates, I bought one for myself because I knew I would miss it.
Bamboo Nesting Bowls: Amazon

11, 12. Take out containers. Because...why? I think I "planned" to use them as Tupperware or drawer dividers.
13, 14. Side plates. Left by the same roommate who left the dinner plate.
15, 16. Cutting boards that came with the knife sets that came with my grandma's steak orders. You know, treasured family heirlooms.

17. Gloves given to me to find a home for with someone I babysit. Time to actually do that!
18. Participation award. So meaningful. (Sarcasm.)
19. Shirt, too small.
20, 21. Old bras.
22. Shapewear can go orbit a black hole. Down with the patriarchy!
23. Stack of paper. Twice as high today! I'm motivated.
24. Magazine.
25. Book: Singing for Dummies. It has some good tips, but I've worked through it now, and can consult the internet for further study.
26. Book: 101 Things to Do Before You're Old and Boring. It's really written for children or preteens. It's too late for me now. ;)
27. Security straps for a truck. Bought to use with rented trucks when I moved. No idea if I'll ever need these again, and they're easy to replace.

Well, you can see my decluttering mind is all over the place. Really, my mind is on every nook and cranny. I may have passed the "random items from around the apartment" stage. I think it's time to focus and get project-oriented. Tomorrow will tell!

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