Monday, September 14, 2015

SDD Clutter Free Day 14: Bathroom Cabinet, and I Start Selling Things

This is actually the After pic, believe it or not.
Today is Day 14 of the So Damn Domestic Clutter Free Countdown. I easily found 17 items to declutter when I organized my over the toilet cabinet. 

Before I get into that, I want to talk about today's prompt from Emily. It was a reminder to get rid of items as you go. It's so obvious, but so easy to avoid. I've mentioned my own plan to make it a project to sell or donate everything in the first week of October. I still think that's a good idea, to tack an extra week onto the challenge to finish up any projects that got started through the previous month.

But Emily's prompt helped me realize something, or commit to the idea: There's no reason I can't start now. So, with that inspiration, I made four Craigslist ads today! 

Ooh, I just got a customer for my board games. That'll clear up a nice chunk of space!

Now, about the bathroom cabinet. The previous tenants sold me my over-the-toilet cabinet when I toured the place, since the bathroom here doesn't have any drawers. It was looking a little crowded so I'm glad I was able to clear out some things. It doesn't look like a minimalist's bathroom, but it's closer than it was this morning!

Day 14: 17 Items Decluttered

1, 2. Hair ribbons. Cute with a high ponytail, but I don't do that very often. I have headbands and a few special barrettes if I feel like doing artful hairstyles.

3. Pile of hair ties, stretched elastic or way too much knotted hair.
4,5. Sweat bands? I liked these for washing my face when I had short hair, but I don't need so many.
6. Garbage. Lid of q-tip box, head wrap packaging, used up toothpaste tube, cardboard cup I was keeping sample lotions in.
7, 8. Even more lotions. I feel wasteful getting rid of so many lotions. I just don't use them since I discovered that oils work better for my skin. I'm thinking of putting a package together for a couple bucks for any of my non-expired, non-gross toiletries. (An example of gross would be used mascara. Eye bacteria, no thanks.)
9. Tiny drawers. I kept my lipsticks in this and it was the perfect size, but I realized I only like two of my lipsticks (saving make up for another day's declutter pile), so I don't need this box.
10-13. A brush and two combs. One brush and comb seen in the glass at the bottom of the picture. I'm washing them with Apple Cider Vinegar and warm water before I put them in my toiletry pack.
14. Girls' hair accessories. This could count as a bunch of items. I'm glad to let go of something I definitely don't use. Bye, Pooh Bear barrettes. (Oh man, I loved Pooh Bear so much.)
15-17. Soap bears. I freaking love these. We took them from our Yellowstone National Park hotel room when I was twelve years-old or so. I remember my grandmas playing with them and being silly. But I took a picture to remember them by. There used to be four. I tried to use one, but it irritated my skin (most things do).

I'm still loving this challenge. I'm glad I started selling things today. Having decluttered items out of the way will make this process even more satisfying. Most goals are accomplished by taking small steps every day, rather than big steps in a week, so I think starting the sale process now will help make sure it happens by the end of the first week of October.

That'll free up time to expand my reading challenge! Did I mention I'm thinking about working through my unread books next month? So excited.

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