Sunday, December 16, 2012

Supersets and Work out of the Day

“Tomorrow, I’m going to throw some supersets into my routine to get my heart rate up.”

I am all for doing a million reps of something, but not with light weights and not with uber long rest breaks. Unless you are injured, pregnant or elderly please don’t skimp on your workload. Also resting forever between doing a set of one exercise to the next is not beneficial to you, it allows your Heart Rate to drop amongst many other things (a post about this will come later).

That being said today we are going to look at supersets (combining two or more exercises back to back) and on a way to incorporate this using your own body weight. For our purposes today we’re going to look at linking three exercises together with zero rest between movements completing 3-5 sets back to back (your aim is to do it in as little time as you are able). This superset will be repeated 3-5 times depending on your capabilities and current health status. Linking these exercises will also get your heart rate up and constitute as metabolic conditioning (metcon).

Now on to the Metcon for the day!

Complete 3-5 sets for time of the following:

  • 10 burpees
  • 20 squats (unweighted)
  • Run 200 meters

Here’s a few links to give you an idea for what each movement should look like:
burpees -
squats -

If any of these exercises are too much for you, please know there are modifications. You could pause and touch the floor with your whole body during the burpee. You could jog instead of run or walk and jog instead of just jog. There are so many options that will make each movement possible for you wherever you are at in your fitness journey.

Slow things down if you must to ensure you always have proper form so as to prevent injury.

Disclaimer: Before starting this workout please consult your doctor to confirm you are okay to start an exercise program.

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  1. Thanks Katie! I can testify that there is a HUGE difference between doing a squat improperly and properly! You feel it so much more in all the right places.


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