Thursday, June 11, 2015

To-Do List Friends: A Best Friend Typology

"Tomorrow, I'm going to appreciate my To-Do List Friends, and find more of 'em."

Psycho Beach Party DVD cover featuring Lauren Ambrose, Charles Busch, Thomas Gibson, Nicolas Brendon, Amy Adams
Berdine would be a good To-Do List Friend, but
I'm not sure Florence could reciprocate.
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I miss having friends to hang out in sweatpants and watch campy movies with. I miss that every Saturday, when Skype-watching Game of Thrones with my brothers doesn't cut it. (That's when you queue to the the same timestamp and count down to push play.) Game of Thrones isn't nearly campy enough, for one thing. I want Psycho Beach Party or Cheerleader Massacre campy!

But lately, as I become more ambitious with my personal and career goals, I find myself missing something else: The To-Do List Friend. The kind who doubles as sweatpants friend, so you know you can trust them to see your dirty laundry. I've had a few.

How I know someone's a To-Do List Friend:
  • I would invite them on a trip to Home Depot.
  • I would help them move, paint a room, or Spring Clean.
  • We would make plans to check things off my to-do list and then do theirs the next day.
  • They would make chores feel like just hanging out.
This must be why people get married. There's always someone around to watch movies with or help you get stuff done. Well, I'm not really "there." I don't know about all that. All I know is, when I try to do everything alone, it goes much slower.

I also know it's possible to rely on others too much. I've learned a lot about independence by moving 1,000 miles away. I'm getting better at spreading out all the little tasks so the task list doesn't get so long. And that's part of maturing, too.

But the list is always there, and humans are social creatures. I have my meetup groups, my grandparents, and a few friends I'm growing closer to all the time--I'm not alone here. I just have to keep building those relationships, being open to new experiences, and giving with my whole heart. 

Sometimes lists are fun!

This post reminds me of the time Kat told me she hit it off with someone at work. I threw my arms up and said, "You made a friend!" And she threw her arms up and said, "I made a work friend!" I thought it was funny that she specified "work" friend. I guess shouting "I made a friend!" in public could make a person seem a bit...overeager.

I don't care. It's hard to make friends as an adult. Maybe we should shout more.

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