Saturday, June 6, 2015

Under Sink Shelves: No More Heave and Slam

"Tomorrow, I'm going to organize the cabinet under my bathroom sink."

Under the bathroom sink organization
I wish I took a Before picture so you could see how much better this is.

One of the tasks on my Spring Cleaning May to-do list was to organize my bathroom. My aunt had given me a big bag of shampoos, lotions, and pads from when she decluttered her own bathroom. I shoved it under my sink and forgot about it. So that took up a quarter of the space, and the rest of the mess was those boxes, all separated from their lids and stacked halfway inside each other.

I started my organization project by removing everything.

Then I assembled the Made Smart Under Sink Shelf (affiliate link). The parts include: four metal rods, two plastic stands, eight plastic screw caps to secure the rods to the stands, and ten plastic shelves. I like that it expands to fit the length of cabinet, I can adjust the shelf height, and the individual shelves slide to make room for the plumbing. Some Amazon reviews said it was flimsy, but it's sturdy enough for my purposes.

The only downside I see is that it's plastic, which, unless we're talking Kevlar bulletproof vests, isn't my favorite material, but I knew that when I bought it. It was toward the low-end of the price range for this type of product at $28.07. So that works for me and my budget.

Once that was set up I put stuff back. Here's how I categorized the boxes:

1. Vintage hair curlers from my great-grandma
2. Bath Stuff
3. Feminine Hygiene Products
4. Mani/Pedi Supplies
5. Travel Toiletries and Cases

Maybe for the next Spring Cleaning I'll get rid of half that stuff and have more room to stock up on tissues, tampons, and TP. And then for whatever I keep, I can get some vintage tins. I love those things.

You'll notice I also have a Command hook (affiliate link) on the inside of the cabinet door for my curling iron. I had one on the other door for my hair dryer, but it fell down after a couple months. Command hooks don't seem to like textured surfaces. I'll probably put it back up for another couple months though. It is a handy spot for the hair dryer, and I can't install anything permanent because I'm a renter.

Overall, I'm happy with the new shelves. My toiletries are much more accessible now.

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