Friday, June 5, 2015

Dinner Party Guests: A Brand-Finding Exercise

"Tomorrow, I'm going to figure out who I would invite to a dinner party, and which aspects of that party define my personal brand."
Apparently it's an outdoor dinner party that includes a discussion on worthiness, playing with action figures, a concert, and trip to New York.

My goal this month is to complete 30 branding, marketing, or web design projects. It could have been too abstract of a goal, but I already have a list of 17 branding exercises from the Braid Creative e-book, Being Boss podcast, and, which all have Kathleen Shannon in common, so thank you for being so awesome, Kathleen Shannon!

These are my notes from Kathleen's explanation of the exercise in the Being Boss episode on branding: 

What aspects of your guest's personalities attract people?
What aspects of your guest's personalities seal the deal? 

Example: Brené Brown (who was going to be on my list anyway, so that works out!)
Inspire + Attract           ---          Reassure + Deliver
Authenticity                                  Methodology
Humor                                           Research
Performance                                 Organization

Chart of Sarah's Dinner Party 

This exercise reminds me of that saying, "You are the sum of the five people you spend the most time with." Except, of course, in this case you're the sum of five people you admire. 

After I put my name in the 'sum' box, I felt a twinge of anxiety. Am I really asserting that I'm all these things? People are gonna think I'm full of myself. Here's the thing: I'll never present all these qualities all the time. That would make me perfect. But this is what I value, what I believe makes a "good" person, and what I do my best to put out in the world. 

My next exercise: The 'Love it or Hate it' List. Stay Tuned!

I, (Sarah), am a Braid affiliate – that means when you use the links in my post I get a commission on all referred sales. That said, I fully believe in The Braid Method as I hope is obvious in this post.

Braid Creative ECourse
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