Monday, July 13, 2015

The Uterus Speaks: Art Prints for a Nursery

"Tomorrow, I'm going to pick out art for a nursery."

Sometimes my uterus talks to me. It's demandingly to-the-point. The only thing it says is "babies!" Of course, muffled through my belly it sounds more like "berbeesh," but I get the message loud and clear. People receive the same message from their parents, their peers, "the media," or the duderus. It's everywhere.

It's easy to shut it up by researching "birth" or listing off personal freedoms I enjoy.

But it can be fun to indulge the poor bastard once in a while. Today's exercise in indulgence takes the form of art prints that would look super cute in a nursery. I recently became a curator for Society6, and it's rekindling my love for the visual arts. Besides prints, they also have pillows and curtains in case that's a better way to decorate my imaginary nursery.

Here are some of my favorite art prints that would work well in a nursery or child's room.

The "First Aid For Stress" series from Growing Mindfulness by Marisa Garau

Mindfulness Tip #4 Art Print  Mindfulness Tip #3 Art Print  Mindfulness Tip #5 Art Print

"Morning Contemplation," "Embracing the Majestic," "The Blue Cat and The Blossom," and other hand-painted illustrations by Marion Bouquet
Morning Contemplation - hand-painted Illustration Art Print  Embracing the Majestic - Hand-painted Illustration Art Print  The Blue Cat & The Blossom - Hand-painted Illustration Art Print

Animal illustrations by Allanah Brid. Look at the elephant, right in its face.
Blue Elephant Art Print  Counting Sheep! Art Print  Spotty Giraffe Art Print

Tee hee.

"Rain is Bad for Robots," "Sperm Whale Tornado," "When Elephants Dream," and other imagination fuel by David Finley
Rain is Bad for Robots Art Print
Sperm Whale Tornado Pirate (Letterpress Style) Art Print  When Elephants Dream Art Print  

-Jazz Berry Blue. This artist has stylized maps, the American Sign Language alphabet, and other surrealist amazingness as well.

I like that most of these collections can grow with the child. And they all make me smile. I don't know how I would choose!

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