Monday, July 20, 2015

I Love Lamp: The Best Light to Read By

“Tomorrow, I’m going to love lamp.”

An ode to lamp. Okay, it's not really an ode, although I am a poet, and "Ode to Lamp" is officially on my to-write list. I really love my lamp.

Once when I was going on about how great this lamp is, my friend Kat interrupted me to say, "Sarah, sweetie, I love you, and I get it. Okay? I'm right there with you, loving this lamp, but I've heard the reasons so many times I have them memorized."

She then set out to prove her point by listing the reasons why I love the lamp. And, sure enough, she did have that sumbitch memorized.

What Makes a Lamp Loveable?
  1. It's tall, with a bright light on top. This light fills the room and prevents pesky shadows, as the light is evenly diffused.
  2. It has a smaller, adjustable light. This light pivots and can be moved up and down. It's perfect for illuminating a book or a cross stitch.
  3. Shelves! What? Yes! Shelves! I keep tissues on the lower shelf, a cat brush on the top shelf, and a drink in the middle.
  4. It's easy to clean: Not a lot of nooks and crannies. The lampshades are smooth glass cones, the base is chrome, and the shelves are leather (probably vinyl, whatever, works for me!)
  5. Selective lighting! You can have only the room light on, only the reading light on, both, or of course, neither.

So, obviously I'm justified in loving this lamp, but I'll admit I may have brought it up too often. In my defense, the wiring was broken at the time and I thought I'd have to say goodbye forever. This lamp (purchased years ago through is no longer available. It ended up being cheaper to get it repaired than buy a new lamp. Hooray!

I'm sorry to dangle the best lamp ever in front of you and then tell you it's unavailable. I was going to share similar products with you, but there is no lamp that comes close to this level of practicality. Let me know if you find one!

What I would do if I needed to replace my lamp is get an open-shelf bookcase. Then I'd put a lamp on the top to serve as a room lamp, something that directs the light up and out more than down, like the giraffe lamp. Alright, maybe the giraffe is a little out of my budget. But I love him. More reasonably, I'd go for something like the black lamp.

I would also consider: end table, table lamp, and a separate floor lamp. I love glass so that glass table is gorgeous to me. Hmm, all these choices make it seem like I have very modern taste. The mess of colors and patterns that is my living room tells a different story.

rectangular, modern table lamp, black leather base, white lampshade

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